The Brook Serene, Kottiyam
Enjoy a Luxury Experience

Discover our resort that defines a new dimension of nature-friendly living. It is a dream-like holiday destination, where one can have a spellbinding encounter with nature. Undoubtedly, a true paradise in God’s own country, that promises everlasting memories of a blissful Kerala experience.

Blessed by the lush greens of Kerala's backwaters, Brook Serene is a gateway to nature's embrace. Explore inland waterways, relish the charm of our Traditional Village Hut, and savor the exquisite blend of flavors and our in-comparable hospitality. Your journey to serenity starts here.



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Rooms & Suites

Living Spaces Overview

We offer a variety of well-appointed rooms, which can accommodate from two to six people comfortably. Each of the rooms has balconies overlooking the tranquil lake. Since the entire estate sprawls over nearly two acres, you will always feel that you are in your own premium paradise along with your near & dear ones.

Culinary Journey

Experience Deliciously from Our Chefs

Experience our traditional Kerala dishes from our chef. We serve the finest seafood, North Indian, Chinese, Arabic, and barbecue dishes from our pre-order restaurant. Every dish is made fresh and you will savor the homemade taste in each and every preparation.

Event Space

Diverse Event Venues

We offer various set-ups for get-togethers and events ranging from an air-conditioned conference hall, and rooftop terrace overlooking the lake, to an open-air garden next to the lake which can accommodate up to 1500 pax. Feel free to enjoy your special occasions at any one of these venues.

Discover Our Packages

Tailored For Your Experience

Experience the perfect escape with our Day, Evening, Stay, and Honeymoon packages. Each package offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure for an unforgettable getaway. Join us for a day of leisure, evening magic, an extended stay, or a romantic honeymoon, and create cherished memories at The Brook Serene.

Hut Retreats

Traditional Village Hut

One of our most appreciated features is the village hut which blends the traditional heritage of Kerala with thatched roof marvellously blended with modern luxurious interiors. One gets a magnificent view of the lake right from the bed or the cute sit-out. Set a bit apart from the resort, this is isolation at its best with the only sound being the breeze whispering through the trees and chirping of the birds.

Mangrove Adventure Cruise

A Cruise Into The Mangroves

The lake is blessed with the tallest cluster of Mangroves exceeding 30 feet in height which is also an abode for hundreds of birds. We offer a unique experience of a safe ride into the green lush mangroves in a traditional Vallam (Boat) which is an experience that can never be forgotten.

Waterside Wander

A Stroll Along The River Bank

A stroll along the river bank is another excellent way to start a day of relaxation with us with the cool breeze of the lake, the beautiful vistas all around, and a variety of birds to keep you mesmerized. A very calming and relaxing experience awaits you.

Fish Farming

Karimeen Farming

Karimeen (Pearlspot) is one of the most delicious fish which is generally found only in the waters around Kerala. Experience fresh Karimeen prepared in a variety of traditional ways from our own aquaculture farm.

Pond Heritage

Traditional Pond

Another unique feature of our resort is the traditional but modernized Kulam (pond), which is fed by fresh spring water that is drained and cleaned regularly. The pond has a built-in rain shower so that you can experience the bliss of swimming in the rain all year long.

Fishing Bay

Fishing Bay Serene Escape

For those who enjoy or want to try your hand at fishing, we have a small gated dock in our garden by the lake. Fishing is a rewarding pastime and we are sure you would love the amazing experience.